Our fly bys are a simple wash and go service for when your dog is stinky but doesn't need a full groom. This means you can call in and have your dog washed without having all the mess at home. See what's available without booking - please just drop in.
What's Available
  • Nail clipping.
  • Ears cleaned and plucked.
  • Tidy of feet or face (coat must be clean and dry).
  • Fringe trims.
  • Bath and Blast (small and medium dogs). We do not currently offer a Bath and Blast for large breeds. Note that dogs will remain damp as this is just to clean them after a bath. This service is available at the groomer's discretion. When booking on the phone the client MUST tell us that they require a Fly By Bath and Blast otherwise they will automatically be booked in for a Full Grooming and will be liable for the cost of a full groom slot.