At 2 Left Paws we stock a variety of healthy meals, treats and grooming products for your doggy friend. Products vary at our salons, so please check out what we offer on your next visit or contact us.


As you may know, we cannot stress enough how important a good diet is for your pets. We advocate feeding your pets raw food and sell Nutriment frozen food in the salon. A good natural diet is good for their coats, skin, teeth, prevents further health issues and can improve behaviour, amongst other things. Nutriment use a combination of human-grade meat and vegetables and some metabolism friendly superfood to create healthy, delicious and award-winning meals and treats for dogs and cats.

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Lily's Kitchen Dog Food

The UK's No.1 Ethical Pet Food. Recipes are all made with top notch natural ingredients - proper meat and wholesome fruits and vegetables that are bursting with natural goodness.

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These multi-award winning dog grooming products stands as a stamp of excellence and is trusted by pet owners, vets, groomers and championship show dog owners in more than 50 countries around the world.

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Lickable straight from the tub healthy frozen yogurt treat is cooling, soothing and low in calories.

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To Order

If you have any specific requests for food please do feel free to let us know and we can add it to our Friday order, for you to collect on Tuesday afternoon. Orders are placed in advance so if you would like to place an order or cancel a repeating order, you must inform us before 12pm on a Friday. Please note any personal orders must be collected on Tuesday, and we will charge for uncollected deliveries.

To place an order please see our full product list at the salon and then contact us.